In this week’s podcast, guest John D’Alessandro talks specifically about the marketing strategy of upstream vs. downstream. In the interview, John talks about how we have a tendency to assume that marketing is upstream, where we think we’re getting what we want when we’re really getting what we don’t want.

Marketing is downstream all the way down, whether it’s the online shopping we see at the mall, the emails we receive, or online reviews we read. We can’t help but look at them as the same thing, but in our marketing practices, we see them as separate.

This is probably true in the best of cases. For example, if you were to advertise in a magazine, you would be putting your ads up online, and that means that they appear in all the right places on all the different channels. That means your ads are part of the same marketing structure, but they are more likely to lead to the right people, and at the same time you get to sell something.

The same goes for online advertising, if you are a blogger. If you were to advertise on your own blog, it would be in the same spot as your content. But it would be in a different place, and that is because the blog is in a different place. In the same way, your online ads would be part of the same marketing structure, but they are more likely to lead to the right person, and that leads to more sales.

In the same way that an online search engine is part of a marketing structure, a blog is part of a marketing structure as well. If a blogger is trying to sell something, that means that he or she is more likely to sell it in the blog’s niche. In other words, ads on blogs are more likely to lead to people in a niche.

Blogs are more likely to get the right person (though we still see some people trying to go after a blogger who isn’t selling anything) because blogs are more likely to lead to people. When you think about it, the key is to find someone who is in the niche you are trying to sell.

A blog is a great place to sell some stuff, but blogs are also great places to make money. In the same way that you have the ability to go out to an event and pitch a service to people, you can do the same thing by launching a blog that is just a place to post blog posts. This is a great way to get into a niche and make some extra cash.


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