What I experienced gave me a much-needed jolt of inspiration and energy when I was beginning to feel a bit stretched. From my conversations with faculty and staff, I don’t think I’m alone in finding October both exhilarating and exhausting. I began writing today’s blog on Ash Wednesday, the day in the Christian liturgical calendar that marks the beginning of the reflective and penitential season of Lent. As a family, we’ve been discussing how we want to honor this season. When I was a child, it was the custom to give something up. For me, it was usually chocolate, which was HARD!

If your reaction to this plan is “We’re doing just fine the way we are,” that’s great! Now is the time to codify and preserve your healthy department culture for future generations. I also ask you to consider that what seems healthy or normal to you may in fact be harmful to someone with less power or privilege. I know of colleagues who have thought about leaving Gonzaga or academia malecela blog because of the departmental culture. “Seeking freedom,” asks us to reflect on the attachments that prevent us from hearing our colleagues and that lead to exclusions. Community agreements and by-laws can invite colleagues into reflection and can help immensely to build a more inclusive and participatory culture by ensuring everyone has a voice in a consistent, transparent way.

According to John Eldredge, people have told me that God has put inside a male’s body a want for dominance and to be the best. This could be one reason why many males are more competitive than females. A good friend of mine, Bennett Sweat once said, “I do believe I can play Halo to the glory of God, I just want to make sure I am doing it.” So, my good friend points out there are ways that we have played that are not glorifying God.

God continues to work within the world, drawing it to completion. Here, we allow the God who labors on our behalf to fill our hearts and lead us the same prayer of offering as above. St. Ignatius begins the Contemplatio with two presuppositions concerning love that govern his entire thought.

I seem to have emerged from writing this book with a new appreciation for stillness. As I sat in the Poor Clares’ big old monastery week after week, I grew to like the sounds of its silence all around me. I felt their tremendous striving in the silence and also their waiting—a form of striving, of holding themselves back from anything that might distract them from God. I was one of those distractions, and they put up with me graciously. And then it ended, when each had answered my questions about prayer and commitment and a life of faith, and, perhaps, when I had discovered the limitations of the questions. In my own personal moments of silence, I have experienced this to be absolutely true.

The Joker is happy to blowup a hospital . Oh, she may have oral, vaginal and anal sex – sometimes even at the same time – with a great many men and women, but she locked my cock into my little tube on our wedding day and that’s still the only cock she’s ever locked up. It’s special to her, she says, like my virginity. Understanding the reality of God is usually triggered by confusion in the abstraction of the mind.

This is why fundraising is more like fun-raising to me. Each gift makes it possible to do something we couldn’t do before and brings more people into our collective work. Zags Give Day is a fun and meaningful Zag-sourcing event to support your work.

Just ask any of the women in my neighbourhood, or the judge in my court case for that matter. There’s probably an over-protective, nurturing, nest-building sort of impulse behind it, I expect. The neighbours I mean, not the judge – she was just doing her job, except when she made me do that little dance dressed up and frillied in front of the court. Merton was a mystic, monk, poet, social activist, a literary legacy and a bridge between religious cultures. He believed that this quote demonstrated grace. And that even though structures, institutions, organizations and teachers have a purpose, in the end we must all walk alone.