Shape Process Automation is proud to be a Shape Technologies Group company, partnering with the world leaders in UHP technology to engineer and deliver the future of manufacturing process solutions. We focus on more than process design, development, and integration. At Shape Process Automation, we believe it’s our responsibility to prove how our integrated robotic solutions will deliver the results you need – before you decide to partner with us. We take a holistic view of your manufacturing operations, designing and implementing the right production strategies and solutions to meet your needs. Our custom solutions are engineered to deliver long-term success and ultimate ROI, so your efficiency improvements create value well into the future.

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Process automation often requires a large input from IT engineers and developers, while robotic process automation uses robots that can be trained or are self-trained. RPA is generally used for IT functions like email replies, data extraction, and other basic system tasks that a human would otherwise perform. We automate complex manufacturing process with CNC Robotic System in most part of the World. Our revolutionary approach in Manufacturing starts from user frendly APP, Virtualization of the end customer product with AR/VR to CAD/CAM/Simulations Software ” RoboNC” for manufacturing with the robots.

When a readymade enquiry is received, we study and suggest improvements based on our long experience in this field. Our emphasis to utilize the latest advancements in technology and provide cost effective and reliable solutions. The objectives of the system and the deliverables are clearly defined. Next step is to design the panels, prepare panel GA diagrams and wiring diagrams.

It should also integrate with existing software and tooling, be able to communicate with other programs, and have a system to deal with data. Process automation streamlines a system by removing human inputs, which decreases errors, increases speed of delivery, boosts quality, minimizes costs, and simplifies the business process. It incorporates software tools, people, and processes to create a completely automated workflow. We automate plants in the process and manufacturing industries using the most advanced systems available. We provide engineering, system integration and production-control solutions. For many operations, production and profit margins fluctuate due to material variance, equipment constraints, operator skill set, and changing environmental conditions.

Shape Process Automation is your global, high-tech engineering and process automation provider. We develop integrated manufacturing strategies and industrial automation solutions for Tier I and Tier II suppliers and beyond. Our comprehensive approach and the passionate team behind it are how we’re redefining manufacturing with robotic automation. Wonderware InTouch is award-winning lydia shoes reviews HMI visualization software that empowers customers to achieve their quest for operational excellence. InTouch goes beyond simplistic graphics to enable application builders to focus on creating meaningful content that will drive enterprise-wide operations productivity and cost savings. Traditional process automation is much broader in its applications and integrations.

Automation is accomplished by a mixture of diverse systems and tools specifically developed for the tasks they control based on limitations of the technology that is available. FAFNIR is your partner for universal, easy to install and easy use solutions for level measurement. With over 50 years of experience in the process market we have developed sensors for almost any kind of tank geometries.

If those problems start to affect customers, it can negatively impact the entire business, contribute to churn, and create more work for staff in the long term. With such a bespoke, holistic solution, process automation should deliver a raft of positives for any organization that implements it correctly. For instance, the engineer entering what parts they used may trigger an automatic alert to order more sensors or a type of cable or can even send an alert directly to the supplier. Common processes to be automated include invoicing, sales orders, accounting reconciliation, data entry, system queries, payroll, employee or vendor on-boarding, or staff terminations. On receipt and installation of panels at the project site and completion of field instrumentation wiring, we send our engineer for loop checking and commissioning. We also provide both on-line and off-line training on operation and maintenance to the concerned personnel as per the agreed terms.

A modern distributed control system is built using plant-wide control technologies. Today, process control, discrete control, power control, and safety control no longer have to be a choice of separate technologies. Producers can now choose to implement a plant-wide control system. We have been engaged in intensive dialogue with universities, dairy associations and institutes for decades and promote knowledge transfer ofprocess control technology,automationandMES solutions. A prime example of this is the successful cooperation with the Technical University of Munich . Furthermore, with our in-house developed process control system Plant iT we boast a proven solution for the integratedprocess automationofdairy and cheese making facilities.

It includes the use of machinery to perform tasks, software, data and storage systems, and integration activities. However, robotic process automation is focused on front-end activities, and emulates work in much the same way a human would. Ourcontrol systemPlant iT is characterised by a high level of standardisation, integration and the elimination of unnecessary interfaces . Our key goal is the automatic generation of electronic batch records and continuous material tracking throughout the entire production process. Thanks to the integration of MES and PCS in a single system, we achieve greater production quality combined with reduced plant running costs.