Depending on your level/gear I found the best way is to loot it. And if you see a thrall you can’t live without you get that as well! Just murder people for XP or to donate to whatever religion you chose The bark will come with time. If you need wood, always use a pickax so you get bark as well.

If you have a Carpenter’s Bench, you can use it to strip the wood of bark. The process takes 10 seconds, and you gain 10 EXP for doing it. is the largest German-language online magazine for survival and horror news.

If you just started a game of Conan Exiles and want to get some Bark, you’re in luck. Other than how to get it, we’ll also discuss its many uses. James has always enjoyed sitting down and procrastinating with a good game of League of Legends. In his free time, James enjoys swimming, tennis and sleep. He aims to one day be a narrative designer for video games and wouldn’t mind publishing a novel.

One of the essential items is Bark, but you can’t find it everywhere. Bark is, as you may have guessed, harvested from trees throughout Conan Exiles. If you happen to find yourself in a place barren of trees, try following the stone paths scattered throughout the area.

Usually, a few swings at a tree will be sufficient for a tumble, so be sure you’re aiming for several trees. It’s also important to keep in mind that bark can run out quickly when working with the Dryer. So, be sure to muster up as much as you can while you’re out in the woods. Find trees, hit trees, hit trees with picks sometimes. Keep at it, and you should have a pocket full of wood pulp in no time. Your tool’s material and upgrade can also influence the amount of bark you may potentially get.

Founded in the summer of 2014, the site continues to grow along with the genre. Bark has a probability of dropping when Picks or Pickaxes are used on trees. Sulfur or Brimstone is found in small numbers in caves, and in higher numbers in the great sulfur pit in the northwest.

Demon blood drops from dragons, rocknose king and undead-shaleback. Thick Hide can be harvested from large sized animals, e.g. crocodiles or rhinos. Hide can be harvested from most small or medium sized animals or humans. Feral flesh can be found after killing small size creatures and monsters.

If you want to know the full list of animals that give components of Thick Leather, you can find that below. As well, the map below details the best spots to hunt these animals, all given red dots. sara underwood news Conan Exiles Fast and Easy Bark,dry wood and insulated… I rode all the western and northern coast and there ins’t a single dead tree, while I saw many in the southern coast near the sand patch.