These gangs usually consist of 2-5 men, but can be bigger if there are more dads in the community. The idea behind them is for fathers to spend time together and bond with one another by doing activities like cooking, playing video games, or going out on hikes. The last thing women need is to feel more in debt to the men they sleep with. Cooper and Franklyn never shy away from telling female listeners they must meet every absurd sexual expectation in the book, from hiding their sexual pasts to making up for a perceived lack of beauty by performing like porn stars. Cooper was releasing the podcast alone following the break, and said in late May that she would be pushing forward without Franklyn for the future. Miley Cyrus joined Cooper on the re-started podcast in August 2020.

After all of the drama that has followed the podcast for the past year, the word “finale” sent the Daddy Gang into a bit of a tailspin and made people worry that the podcast was ending or leaving Barstool for good. Despite the unprecedented nature of their retaliation against their contract, Barstool Sports founder Dave Portnoy was still prepared to play ball with the ladies. “We offered them mid- to high six-figure how do you spell research salaries and a way for them to get the intellectual property,” he said. “We offered them substantial raises just to get them to honor their existing contract.” The deal proved good enough for Alex to want to return to the pod, but Sofia left to start her own podcast — Sofia With an F. According to the outlet, the pair wanted out of their contract with Barstool as soon as other offers began coming in.

Portnoy claims that Cooper was willing to take the deal he offered them, but that Franklyn wasn’t, and the disagreement has caused a rift between the two. On Tuesday, Franklyn posted several Instagram Stories in which she said she felt “betrayed” by Cooper for going behind her back to negotiate with Barstool. Franklyn and Cooper started recording Call Her Daddy in 2018. According to a 2018 profile of the pair in the New York Post, they met during a vacation at the South by Southwest festival in Austin, Texas, that year.

An episode released to the podcast feed by Dave Portnoy, Barstool Sports founder and president, on Sunday May 17 discussed events from the perspective of Barstool. The thirty-minute episode described financial and contractual details. He said that Barstool had offered a base salary of $500,000 to the co-hosts in a rooftop deal, and noted that Barstool was losing $100,000 per episode. He said that Cooper had settled on new terms, but that Franklyn remained unwilling to accept the new terms which ultimately led to her exit from the podcast.

Sketchiness was a law of nature (“cheat or be cheated on” was an early catchphrase), and bad sex was good material. Cooper and Franklyn self-identified as “toxic” and sold merch that said “unwell.” They were extremely popular. With bonuses, Portnoy has said, Cooper made $506,000 and Franklyn made $461,000 in their first year. According to Erika Nardini, the C.E.O. of Barstool, more than 35 percent of Barstool’s revenue now comes from the company’s podcast business, and “Call Her Daddy” was a crown jewel. It’s been a rocky road for Call Her Daddy, one of the most popular podcasts out there right now.

It’s is a classic move to seduce women into thinking the guy is super caring and sensitive, when he really just likes posing with his nephew because girls like it. Also, chances are, we know we’re not getting to hang out with that cute dog. Boys choose the absolute worst combination of photos of themselves to put online.

A few hits like Serial have penetrated the mainstream, but it’s still a burgeoning business. “It’s the Netflix model,” he says, referring to the streaming network’s signing massive deals with A-list producers like Shonda Rhimes and Ryan Murphy. “They want original content, and they want splashy original content. Instead of trying to promote an indie band, they can go Hollywood with Meghan Markle and Michelle Obama and score with the tentpole hits.” And while Cooper may not have started as a celebrity, she’s certainly become one. If society puts a woman like Cooper in a box, is she better off confounding assumptions about her or playing into them in order to succeed? Browse her Instagram feed of bikini photos and it becomes difficult to disentangle how much those photos promote women’s body confidence and how much they capitalize on the male gaze.