22159 train runs on schedule despite adverse weather conditions

22159 Train Runs On Schedule Despite Adverse Weather Conditions

Travelling by train is an affordable and convenient mode of transportation for millions of people across the country. However, it’s not uncommon for train services to be disrupted due to various factors such as adverse weather conditions, technical issues or track maintenance. Despite these challenges, the Indian Railways has managed to run the 22159 train on schedule in adverse weather conditions, providing passengers with a reliable and efficient service.

Heading: The 22159 Train: An Overview

Subheading 1: The Route and Schedule
The 22159 train, also known as the Mumbai-Delhi Rajdhani Express, is one of the most popular trains in India. The train covers a distance of approximately 1,377 kilometres and stops at various stations including Surat, Vadodara, Kota, and Mathura – among others. The journey duration is approximately 16 hours and 55 minutes. The train departs from Mumbai Central at 17:00 hours and arrives at Delhi Hazrat Nizamuddin at approximately 09:55 hours the next day.

Subheading 2: The Adverse Weather Conditions
India is known for its diverse weather conditions, and the 22159 train has had to endure some of the harshest climates. In winter, when the temperatures drop below freezing, the train has to navigate through foggy conditions that reduce visibility, leading to delays and cancellations. During the monsoon season, the train often has to deal with heavy rains that result in flooded tracks, landslides or even derailments.

Subheading 3: The Resilience of the 22159 Train
With all these challenges, it’s impressive to note that the 22159 train has managed to run on schedule, even in the most unpredictable weather conditions. The Indian Railways has demonstrated its ability to provide a reliable and safe service by ensuring that the train is equipped to handle these conditions. The train is fitted with devices such as fog lights and GPS systems to help the driver navigate through thick fog.

The railways also ensure that the tracks are well-maintained and safe to traverse, which ensures that the train moves steadily and does not derail even when there is heavy rainfall. Additionally, emergency services are always on standby to handle any issues that may arise.

Chart: The Performance of the 22159 Train in Adverse Weather

To highlight the punctuality and reliability of the 22159 train, a chart can be included. It would show the percentage of on-time performance versus off-schedule times during different weather conditions such as foggy, rainy or snowy.

Table: The Technical Infrastructure Supporting the 22159 Train

To highlight the technical infrastructure supporting the train, a table can be created, listing the devices and equipment used. This would include GPS systems, fog lights, signaling systems, and other safety systems.

Q. What measures does the Indian Railways take for safety during adverse weather conditions?
A. The Indian Railways has a range of safety measures in place, including regular track maintenance, GPS systems, safety protocols, and emergency services on standby.

Q. What happens if the train gets delayed or cancelled?
A. If there is a delay or cancellation, the railways ensure that passengers are informed in a timely manner via notifications and other means. The railways can arrange for alternate transportation or refunds, depending on the situation.

Q. Can we book tickets online for the 22159 train?
A. Yes, the Indian Railways provides an online portal for booking tickets for various trains, including the 22159 train. Passengers can book tickets using their computers or smartphones via the official IRCTC website.

In conclusion, the Indian Railways has demonstrated its ability to provide a reliable and safe service even in the most challenging weather conditions. With its technical equipment and safety protocols in place, the 22159 train has been consistent in providing on-time performance, which is a testament to the resilience and efficiency of the Indian Railways.


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