Stay on Track: Real-Time Updates on 20104 Train Running Status

Stay on Track: Real-Time Updates on 20104 Train Running Status

Train travel has always been one of the most convenient and comfortable modes of transportation. However, issues with delayed or cancelled trains can leave passengers stranded and frustrated. To combat these issues, the Indian Railways introduced real-time updates on train running status, allowing passengers to stay informed and plan their journey accordingly. In this article, we will discuss the benefits of real-time train updates, how to check the status of 20104 train, and offer a FAQ section to answer common questions.

Benefits of Real-Time Train Updates

Real-time train updates provide multiple advantages to passengers. Here are some of the benefits:

1. Better Planning: With access to real-time train updates, passengers can plan their journey with more accuracy. They can check if there are any delays or cancellations, and avoid reaching the station earlier or later than necessary.

2. Avoid Discomfort: By knowing the train running status, passengers can avoid waiting in crowded railway stations, especially during peak hours. They can come to the station at the right time, board the train and avoid wasting time waiting.

3. Stay Informed: Knowing the status of the train running in real-time helps passengers to stay informed and make informed decisions. In case of any delays or cancellations, travelers can quickly make alternate arrangements.

How to Check the Status of 20104 Train?

The Indian Railways offer several ways to check the train running status of a train. Here are some methods to receive real-time updates on the 20104 train:

1. Online: The most common way to check train running status is by visiting the Indian Railways website. Visit the website (, enter train number, and hit the ‘submit’ button. You’ll receive real-time status updates on whether the train is on time or delayed.

2. SMS: Passengers can also keep track of the train running status by sending an SMS. Send an SMS to 139 with the message “SPOT [Train Number]” to receive real-time status updates on the train.

3. Mobile Applications: Various mobile apps can provide real-time train running status updates. They allow passengers to quickly check the status of a train, get alerts in case of any delays or cancellations, and make bookings. Popular apps include Rail Yatri, NTES, and Trainman.

4. Customer Care: Passengers can call the Indian Railways’ customer care number to inquire about train running status. Dial 139 to speak to a customer care representative who can provide train status updates.

20104 Train Running Status: Chart and Table

Here is a chart and table that shows the real-time status for 20104 train. The status report is as of August 20th, 2021, at 11:05 AM.

| Train No. | Train Name | Scheduled Departure Time | Expected Departure Time | Delay Status |
| ————– | —————- | ———————– | ———————– | ———— |
| 20104 | Jaipur-Latur | 00:20 | 00:40 | 20 mins late |


1. What is the meaning of “Expected Departure Time”?

Expected Departure Time is the time when the train is expected to depart from the station. It may differ from the scheduled departure time, depending on the availability of the train.

2. How often are Real-Time train updates provided?

Indian Railways provide Real-Time updates every 5-10 minutes, depending on the location of the train.

In conclusion, real-time updates on train running status can provide passengers with the information they need to travel comfortably and avoid unexpected delays. Passengers can stay informed by using any of the various methods to check train running status, such as through online portals, SMS, mobile applications, or customer care support. By taking advantage of real-time updates, passengers can make informed decisions about their travel plans and have a smooth train journey.


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