Live Updates: Check the 17255 Train Running Status Today

Live Updates: Check the 17255 Train Running Status Today

The Indian Railways has been an intrinsic part of the country’s growth and development trajectory. It is one of the largest rail networks in the world with a total length of approximately 68,442 km. The Indian Railways is renowned for its efficient and vast network, which connects almost every part of the country. One such train is the 17255 Express, which is popular among passengers traveling from Hyderabad to Guntur.

The 17255 Express is operated by the South Central Railways and runs between Hyderabad and Guntur. It covers a distance of 271 km and takes approximately 7 hours to complete the journey. The train has a total of 18 coaches, including AC, sleeper, general, and seating arrangements.

In this article, we will provide live updates on the 17255 Express’s running status today, including its departure and arrival time, and other essential details about the train.

Departure and arrival time

The 17255 Express operates daily and departs from Hyderabad Deccan Nampally railway station at 05:10 AM. The train reaches Guntur Junction railway station at 11:10 AM, making it a convenient option for passengers to travel between Hyderabad and Guntur.

Train running status

Passengers can check the live running status of the 17255 Express on the Indian Railways website. The website provides real-time updates on the train’s location, its expected arrival and departure time, and any delays or disruptions. Passengers can also use the Indian Railways app or third-party apps such as NTES (National Train Enquiry System) to check the train’s running status.

Charts and tables:

The following table provides information about the 17255 Express’s timetable and route:

| Station Name | Arrival Time | Departure Time |
| ———— | ———— | ————– |
| Hyderabad Deccan Nampally | – | 05:10 AM |
| Secunderabad Junction | 05:30 AM | 05:35 AM |
| Kazipet Junction | 08:15 AM | 08:20 AM |
| Vijayawada Junction | 10:10 AM | 10:20 AM |
| Guntur Junction | 11:10 AM | – |

The following chart shows the 17255 Express’s average delay time in the last week:


Q. What is the fare of the 17255 Express?

A. The fare of the 17255 Express varies depending on the class of travel, the distance covered, and other factors. Passengers can check the fare on the Indian Railways website while booking their tickets.

Q. Can I cancel or reschedule my 17255 Express ticket online?

A. Yes, passengers can cancel or reschedule their 17255 Express ticket online by visiting the Indian Railways website or app. However, they need to adhere to the cancellation and rescheduling policies of the Indian Railways.

Q. What is the maximum permissible luggage weight on the 17255 Express?

A. The maximum permissible luggage weight on the 17255 Express varies depending on the class of travel. However, for sleeper and AC coaches, passengers can carry up to 40 kg of luggage for free.

Q. Is there a pantry car on the 17255 Express?

A. No, there is no pantry car on the 17255 Express. However, passengers can order food from the e-catering services available on the Indian Railways website or app.


The 17255 Express is a popular option for passengers traveling between Hyderabad and Guntur. The Indian Railways has made it easier for passengers to check the train’s live updates on the website, app, and third-party apps such as NTES. The timetable and route chart provided in this article will help passengers plan their journey effectively.


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