Stay on Track with 16159 Train Running Status

Stay on Track with 16159 Train Running Status: Everything You Need to Know

Travel by trains is one of the most efficient and cost-effective ways to explore the diverse landscape of India. Moreover, with technology now a part of travel, it is easy to keep track of the train’s status in real-time. Keeping up with the latest updates help passengers to make necessary arrangements accordingly. For this purpose, 16159 train running status helps the passengers to keep themselves updated regularly.

Heading: 16159 Train Running Status

Subheading: Introduction to 16159 Train

The 16159 train, also known as Chennai Egmore-Manamadurai Dhanushkodi Express, is a well-known express train that covers a distance of 524 kilometers. The train route runs from Chennai Egmore to Manamadurai. The 16159 train operates six days a week, except Sundays. The train departs from Chennai Egmore Railway Station at 22:30 pm and reaches Manamadurai at 06:00 am, covering around 8 hours and 30 minutes journey.

Subheading: How to check 16159 train running status

Before starting any journey for the places like Rameswaram, Karur, Tiruchirapalli or Madurai, it is always essential to check for the status of the train. Passengers can check the running status of the 16159 train either by visiting the official website of Indian Railways or via other platforms, including mobile applications.

Indian Railways’ official website provides a great platform for passengers planning to check the running status of 16159 train. Passengers can check the 16159 train’s current location and whether it’s running on time, late, or canceled. Passengers can make use of the train schedule and keep themselves updated regarding the arrival and departure timing of the train.

Apart from the official website, some popular mobile-based applications are available to track the train status, including Trainman, RailYatri, and Irctc.

Subheading: Benefits of 16159 train running status

By checking the 16159 train running status, passengers get information about the train’s position and its expected arrival time at the destination station. The following are some of the benefits of checking the train running status:

● Saves time – It saves you from waiting at the railway station for hours together since you can get the train running status in real-time.

● Updates about delays – With access to the status, passengers can get updates on any untoward occurrences, authorities, and other events that cause a delay.

● Reschedule the trip – With quick access to the train’s status, passengers can easily reschedule their plans or make changes to their itinerary in exceptional cases, such as delays or cancellations.

Subheading: Chart and Table of 16159 train running status

The following chart and table explains the 16159 train running status according to its route, station code, and arrival time.


| Station Name | Code | Arrival Time |
|Chennai Egmore Railway | MS | 20:30 |
|Tambaram | TBM | 20:59 |
|Chengalpattu Junction | CGL | 21:28 |
|Villupuram Junction | VM | 23:15 |
|Vriddhachalam Junction | VRI | 00:18 |
|Tiruchirappalli Junction | TPJ | 03:20 |
|Manamadurai Junction | MNM | 06:00 |


| Station Name | Date & Day | Arrival Time | Departure Time | Delay |
|Chennai Egmore | 01-08-2021 | 22:30 | 22:30 | 00 |
|Tambaram | | 22:59 | 23:00 | 00 |
|Chengalpattu Junction | | 23:28 | 23:30 | 00 |
|Villupuram Junction | | 01:15 | 01:20 | 00 |
|Vriddhachalam Junction| | 02:18 | 02:20 | 00 |
|Tiruchirappalli Junction | | 05:20 | 05:25 | 00 |
|Manamadurai Junction | | 08:00 | – | 00 |

Subheading: FAQs – Questions and Answers

Q. What is 16159 train schedule?

Ans. The 16159 train operates six days a week except Sundays with Chennai Egmore Railway Station at 22:30 pm and reaching Manamadurai at 06:00 am.

Q. Can I get a refund if the train is canceled?

Ans. In case of train cancellation, you are eligible for a full refund. To avail the refund, passengers need to cancel the ticket within the stipulated time as per the Indian Railways rules.

Q. What to do if 16159 train is late?

Ans. In case of 16159 train delays, passengers can check for the updated status of the train on the official website of Indian Railways. Passengers can reschedule their plans if they anticipate a significant delay.

Q. Can we carry meals on the 16159 train?

Ans. Yes, passengers can bring their meals or rely on the pantry or catering services available on the train.

In conclusion, passengers can travel with ease and convenience by tracking the running status of 16159 trains. With real-time updates on the train’s status, passengers can plan their journey and make necessary alterations seamlessly. It is essential to have access to the train’s status for a hassle-free and comfortable journey.


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