Stay Updated on 15013 Running Status with Real-Time Tracking Tools

Stay Updated on 15013 Running Status with Real-Time Tracking Tools


15013 is a popular train route that runs between Dehradun and Chandigarh in India. Train travel is an affordable and convenient mode of transportation for the masses, and hence a huge number of people rely on it for their travel needs. With the increasing popularity of train travel in India, timely updates on train schedules, and running status have become critical for passengers. Therefore, it is essential to stay updated on the real-time tracking of the 15013 running status to avoid any inconvenience and delays.


1. Need for Real-Time Tracking
2. Real-Time Tracking Tools
3. Benefits of Using Real-Time Tracking Tools
4. 15013 Running Status Chart
5. Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ

Need for Real-Time Tracking:

One of the significant challenges of train travel has always been providing accurate and timely information about train schedules and real-time tracking of trains. This challenge is primarily due to various factors like external factors such as weather conditions, technical problems with the train, or other unforeseen issues. Inaccurate or delayed information, like train timings and running status, can create a lot of inconvenience and delays for passengers. Additionally, some significant safety concerns also arise with delays in train schedules, as it can lead to overcrowding on the train or create a bottleneck at the destination station. Therefore, there is an urgent need for real-time tracking of train schedules and 15013 running status to mitigate these challenges.

Real-Time Tracking Tools:

With the advent of technology, various real-time tracking tools have emerged that enable train passengers to stay updated about their train’s schedules and running status. These tools deliver timely information about train schedules, running status, as well as the train’s arrival and departure time at different stations. In addition, these tools are available across different platforms like websites, mobile applications, and even via SMS.

Benefits of Using Real-Time Tracking Tools:

One of the significant advantages of using real-time tracking tools is that they provide accurate and timely information about the train’s running status, schedule, and arrival time. Moreover, these tools cover various data points like ETA, current speed, last location, upcoming stations, and more. With such precise and updated information, passengers can plan their travel itinerary accordingly and avoid any inconveniences. In addition, these tools also provide real-time alerts about any changes in train schedules, helping passengers to be alert and adapt to the situation accordingly. Therefore, using real-time tracking tools can save travelers from the distress of waiting for hours at stations and can empower them with critical information to plan their travel more optimally.

15013 Running Status Chart:

Here is a sample chart that provides information on the 15013 running status at different stations:

| Station Name | Arrival Time | Departure Time | Running Status |
| Dehradun | 5:20 AM | 5:20 AM | On Time |
| Haridwar | 6:45 AM | 6:50 AM | 5 mins Late |
| Roorkee | 7:38 AM | 7:40 AM | 8 mins Late |
| Saharanpur | 8:40 AM | 8:45 AM | On Time |
| Ambala Cantt | 10:25 AM | 10:35 AM | 10 mins Late |
| Chandigarh | 11:25 AM | 11:25 AM | On Time |

Note: The running status is indicative and may vary based on real-time conditions.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ:

1. Can I track the 15013 running status on a mobile app?

Yes, several mobile apps are available that enable you to track the running status of the 15013 train.

2. What are the different real-time tracking tools available for tracking 15013 running status?

There are various real-time tracking tools available, including websites, mobile applications, and SMS services.

3. Is the running status of the 15013 train accurate on all real-time tracking tools?

No, the accuracy of the running status may vary across different tracking tools. However, reputable tracking tools usually provide accurate information.

4. What should I do in case of a delay in the running status of 15013 train?

You can wait for the train to arrive at the station or contact the railway authorities for more information.


In conclusion, staying updated on the real-time tracking of the 15013 train’s running status is critical for passengers to plan their travel optimally and avoid any inconvenience. Real-time tracking tools can deliver precise and updated information about train schedules, running status, and arrival time at different stations. Moreover, using these tools, passengers can remain alert and adapt to any changes in train schedules, ensuring a safe and comfortable journey. Therefore, travelers should leverage these real-time tracking tools to stay updated on the 15013 running status to have a hassle-free train journey.


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