Updates on 14508 Train Running Status: Delayed or On Time?

Updates on 14508 Train Running Status: Delayed or On Time?

For every passenger who uses the Indian railways, 14508 train’s running status is extremely important. It is a crucial aspect for individuals who depend on railway transport because trains that arrive late or don’t depart on time can create havoc for their travel plans. Mistimed trains can affect their vacation schedules, business plans or any other significant events. It is a fact that railway commuters prefer to have accurate and timely updates on their train’s status, to prepare themselves and plan accordingly.

Overview of Train Number 14508

Train number 14508 – “Narkatiaganj Express” – is a daily express train that runs between the two major cities of India – Raxaul and Ambala Cantt. It operates under the Northern Railway Zone and covers a distance of 1200 kilometres approximately. The train originates from Raxaul junction, Bihar and makes 28 stops before reaching its final destination – Ambala Cantt, Haryana. The train passes through some popular cities such as Gorakhpur, Varanasi, Lucknow, Bareilly, and Delhi en route.


1. Real-time train status updates
2. Common reasons for train delays
3. Remedial measures to avoid train delays

Real-Time Train Status Updates

The Indian railway website is a reliable source for passengers to check the running status of the train. It provides real-time updates on train timings, delays, cancellations etc., and can be accessed via the internet or the mobile application. These convenient and user-friendly platforms provide essential and authentic information about 14508 train timing, as well as related updates like platform numbers and train status etc.

Common Reasons for Train Delays

Train delays are a major issue that passengers often face, causing inconvenience and frustration. Although there are several factors that can lead to the delay of trains, the most common reasons are:

1. Foggy weather conditions that slow down train movement in the winter months
2. Overcrowding on the tracks, which disturbs the train schedule
3. Inspection procedures on the tracks to ensure the safety of passengers
4. Technical failure or glitches in the train engine or tracks
5. Rerouting or rescheduling due to unavoidable circumstances
6. Heavy rainfall or flooding of tracks, particularly during the monsoon season.

Remedial Measures to Avoid Train Delays

It is essential to address the reasons which lead to a delay of trains, to minimise the inconvenience faced by passengers. The railways authorities have taken appropriate measures to control train timings and avoid delays.

1. The Railways has installed a Safety Control System for trains, which automatically controls the speed of trains during harsh weather conditions like foggy, rainy or winter seasons.
2. Implementation of biometric attendance systems for railway employees which helps reduce absenteeism and maintain staff accountability.
3. Improved and frequent track maintenance schedules to avoid any technical glitches or breakdowns.
4. Train travel planning and scheduling changes to minimise over-crowding issues.

Chart and Table

To understand the train status of train no. 14508 better, the following chart and table represent the train timings, station stops, and the average delay.

Table: Train Schedule for Train no. 14508

| Station | Departure | Arrival | Distance km | Day | Delay (average) |
| Raxaul Junction | – | 09:10 | 0 km | 1 | – |
| Sitalpur (Halt) | – | 09:24 | 8 km | 1 | – |
| Bapudham Motihari | 09:38 | 09:40 | 30 km | 1 | 0h 8m |
| Sagauli Junction | 09:58 | 10:00 | 58 km | 1 | 0h 19m |
| Kaptanganj Junction | 11:12 | 11:15 | 105 km | 1 | 0h 17m |
| Gorakhpur | 12:20 | 12:35 | 161 km | 1 | 0h 30m |
| Gonda Junction | 14:40 | 14:45 | 330 km | 1 | 0h 19m |
| Kanpur Central | 17:20 | 17:30 | 513 km | 1 | 0h 15m |
| New Delhi | 22:30 | 22:50 | 840 km | 1 | 0h 22m |
| Ambala Cantt | 01:45 | – | 1200 km | 2 | – |

Chart: Train Running Timechart for Train no. 14508

The time chart showcases train no.14508’s departure and arrival timings at various stations between Raxaul and Ambala Cantt.

| Station/Stops | Arrival | Departure |
| Raxaul Jn | 09:10 | – |
| Bapudham Motihari | 09:40 | 9:38 |
| Gorakhpur Jn | 12:35 | 12:20 |
| New Delhi | 22:50 | 22:30 |
| Ambala Cantt | – | 01:45 (Next Day) |


1. What is 14508 train running status?

Passengers can check the online platform websites or mobile applications for 14508 train running status, which provides information on train timings, platform numbers, and delays, to keep track of their plans.

2. What is the average delay of 14508 train?

The average delay of train no. 14508 varies, depending on various factors such as weather conditions or maintenance work on the tracks. Passengers can check the online platform for real-time train status updates to get updated schedules.

3. How can passengers know about 14508 train’s schedule?

The railways website or mobile application is the best source for accessing the current tickets booking status, train schedule or the running status of train no. 14508.

4. How is the maintenance of tracks managed to prevent delays?

The railways authorities have implemented biometric attendance systems for employees to reduce absenteeism to ensure track maintenance is ongoing. Additionally, automated safety control systems for trains and periodic track maintenance schedules are in place to maintain rail safety standards.

5. Which factors affect the delay of the train?

Factors such as climatic conditions, track maintenance, unforeseen circumstances or over-crowding are critical in determining the delay of train timings.


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