12860 Train Running Status: Check Your Journey Details!

12860 Train Running Status: Check Your Journey Details!

Are you planning a train journey and want to know the status of your train? Well, Indian Railways has made it possible for travelers to track their train and get real-time information on the train status. One such train that travelers can track is the 12860 train. In this article, we will provide you with all the necessary information about the 12860 train running status and how to check your journey details.

About 12860 Train

The 12860 train, known as the Howrah-Mumbai CSMT Gitanjali Express, runs from Howrah junction to Mumbai CSMT. This superfast express train covers a distance of 1962 km, and it takes about 31 hours and 5 minutes to complete its journey. The train departs from Howrah at 3:25 pm and reaches Mumbai CSMT at 10:30 pm the next day.

The train passes through various major cities and tourist attractions such as Nagpur, Tatanagar, Bilaspur, Raipur, Bhusaval, and Pune. Due to its convenient timings and comfortable travel options, the train is a popular choice for travelers.

How to Check 12860 Train Running Status?

There are several ways to check the running status of the 12860 train. The most convenient way to track the status is through the Indian Railways website or mobile app. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to check the train status:

1. Visit the official Indian Railways website, www.indianrailways.gov.in, or download the Indian Railways app from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

2. Click on the ‘Trains’ button on the home page and select the ‘Spot Your Train’ option.

3. In the ‘Spot Your Train’ page, enter the train number ‘12860’ in the search bar and select the date of travel.

4. Click on the ‘Get Running Status’ button, and the website or app will display the train’s status, including its current location, estimated arrival time, and delay status.

Real-Time 12860 Train Running Status

To provide travelers with real-time information on the 12860 train running status, Indian Railways has installed a GPS system on the train. The GPS tracking system sends data about the train’s location, speed, and other information to the control center, which then updates the information on the website and mobile app.

Using the real-time tracking system, travelers can get accurate information on the train’s current location, expected arrival and departure times, and any delay or schedule change updates. This feature ensures that travelers are informed of any changes that may affect their travel plans.

12860 Train Schedule and Route Map

Here is the 12860 train schedule and route map that travelers can refer to plan their journey accordingly:

Station Code Station Name Arrival Departure
HWH Howrah Jn – 15:25
KGP Kharagpur Jn 16:50 16:55
TATA Tatanagar Jn 18:35 18:45
ROU Rourkela Jn 21:05 21:20
JSG Jharsuguda Jn 22:40 22:45
SBP Sambalpur 00:05 00:15
BRGA Bargarh Road 00:47 00:49
BLGR Balangir 02:28 02:33
TIG Titlagarh 03:30 03:40
KBJ Kantabanji 04:10 04:20
RGDA Rayagada 06:35 06:50
PVPT Parvatipuram Town 07:58 08:00
VSKP Visakhapatnam 10:30 10:50
DVD Duvvada 11:18 11:20
RJY Rajahmundry 14:14 14:16
BZA Vijayawada Jn. 16:40 16:55
KZJ Kazipet Jn 20:46 20:48
BPQ Balharshah Jn. 00:26 00:31
NGP Nagpur Jn. 03:05 03:10
ET Itarsi Jn 09:35 09:40
KNW Khandwa Jn 13:20 13:22
BSL Bhusaval Jn. 15:15 15:25
MMR Manmad Jn. 18:30 18:33
CSMT Mumbai CSMT 22:30 –

Please note that the train’s schedule and timings are subject to change due to various factors such as delays, maintenance work, and weather conditions.

12860 Train Fare and Availability

The 12860 train has several classes of coaches, including chair car, sleeper, and AC classes. The fare for each class of coach varies, and travelers can check the availability and fare for their preferred coach by visiting the Indian Railways website or mobile app.

Here is a rough estimate of the fare for the 12860 train:

Class of Coach Fare (INR)
Chair Car 860
Sleeper 545
3AC 1465
2AC 2140
1AC 3585

FAQs about 12860 Train Running Status

1. Can I track the 12860 train running status in real-time?
Yes, travelers can track the train’s real-time status using the Indian Railways website or mobile app.

2. What is the average delay time for the 12860 train?
The delay time for the 12860 train varies depending on various factors such as maintenance work, weather conditions, and track congestion. Travelers can check the current delay status by visiting the Indian Railways website or mobile app.

3. What is the distance covered by the 12860 train, and how long does it take to reach Mumbai CSMT?
The 12860 train covers a distance of 1962 km from Howrah to Mumbai CSMT, and it takes approximately 31 hours and 5 minutes to complete the journey.

4. Is there any pantry car facility available on the 12860 train?
Yes, the 12860 train has a pantry car that serves meals and snacks to the passengers during the journey.

In conclusion, the 12860 train running status can be easily checked by travelers using the Indian Railways website or mobile app. The real-time tracking system ensures that travelers are informed of any changes in the train’s schedule or delay status. With this information, travelers can plan their journey accordingly and enjoy a comfortable journey on the 12860 train.


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