12723 Train Running Status: Check Real-Time Updates Now!

12723 Train Running Status: Check Real-Time Updates Now!

India has one of the world’s most extensive railway networks, connecting all corners of the country, and trains have become an integral part of Indian travel. With over 7,000 stations and a vast network of railways, it can be overwhelming for passengers to keep track of train schedules, delays, and estimated arrival times. This is where the Indian Railways’ Train Running Status feature comes into play. By providing real-time updates on the status of any train, passengers can plan their journeys better.

What is 12723 Train?

12723 Train, also known as the Andhra Pradesh Express, runs from Hyderabad Deccan to New Delhi. It is one of the most popular trains on this route, and passengers traveling in this train are always curious to know about its running status. The train covers a distance of around 1,600 km and takes approximately 26 hours to complete the journey.

How to check the 12723 Train Running Status?

There are various ways to check the 12723 Train Running Status. Passengers can visit the Indian Railways’ official website or use the RailYatri app to get real-time updates on the train’s status. One can also call the Indian Railways’ customer care number (139) to get the latest information on the train’s running status.

Real-time updates can help passengers plan their journeys better, especially during unexpected delays or changes in schedule. With this feature, passengers can avoid waiting for long hours at the station and instead opt to arrive only when the train is expected to arrive.

Chart and Table

A chart and table are important tools to help passengers understand the 12723 Train’s running status. The information presented in the chart and table includes the train number, train name, starting station, destination station, current station, and estimated arrival time.

Table 1: 12723 Train Running Status

Train Number Train Name Starting Station Destination Station Current Station Estimated Arrival Time

12723 Andhra Pradesh Express Hyderabad Deccan New Delhi – –

Chart 1: 12723 Train Running Status



Q1. What is the PNR number, and how can I check it?
A1. The PNR (Passenger Name Record) is a unique code assigned to each passenger’s ticket. Passengers can check the PNR number on their ticket, and they can also check it online using the Indian Railways’ official website or the RailYatri app.

Q2. Can I check the train’s running status offline?
A2. Yes, you can check the train’s running status offline by calling the Indian Railways’ customer care number (139).

Q3. What is the expected arrival time, and how is it calculated?
A3. The expected arrival time is the time when the train is estimated to arrive at the station. It is calculated based on the train’s current location, speed, and distance to the next station.

Q4. Can I get a refund if my train is delayed or canceled?
A4. Yes, passengers can get a refund if their train is delayed or canceled. However, the refund amount depends on various factors, such as the time of cancellation, the reason for cancellation, and the type of ticket.

Q5. What should I do if I miss my train?
A5. Passengers who miss their train can opt for an alternate train with the same or higher fare. Passengers can also get a refund for their ticket, but they need to cancel it first.


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