12678 Train Running Status: Real-Time Updates and Information

12678 Train Running Status: Real-Time Updates and Information

Train journeys are an important part of our daily lives, be it commuting to work or traveling for leisure. There are times when the train gets delayed due to various reasons, and we are left clueless about its status. To alleviate this issue, Indian Railways provides real-time updates on the running status of all trains, including the 12678 train.

The 12678 train, also known as the Bangalore- Ernakulam Intercity Express, runs between Bangalore City Junction and Ernakulam Junction. It covers a distance of 575 kilometers and passes through many prominent stations like Kengeri, Ramanagaram, Mysuru, Kannur, and Thrissur. The train operates 6 days a week, except for Wednesdays, and has 16 coaches, including 2 AC coaches, 3 second-class seating coaches, and a pantry car.

Real-time updates and information:
Indian Railways has made several reforms in the past few years to improve the overall experience of train passengers. Real-time updates and information about running trains are one such reform. With the help of various technologies like GPS tracking, Control Office Application Railway network (COA), and National Train Enquiry System (NTES), the real-time updates provide passengers with the most accurate information about their train’s running status.

Passengers can get status updates on their smartphones through various mobile apps, including RailYatri, NTES, and IRCTC. Passengers can also get updates through SMS by sending the train number to 139. These updates include the expected time of arrival (ETA) and expected time of departure (ETD), and the current location of the train. Passengers can use this information to plan their trip better, especially when their train is getting delayed.

Here is a table summarizing the 12678 train’s running status over the past week:

| Date | Scheduled time | Arrival time | Delay |
| 03/09/2021 | 0825 | 1015 (+ 1 hour and 50 min) | 1 hour and 50 min |
| 04/09/2021 | 0825 | 0930 (+ 1 hour and 5 min) | 1 hour and 5 min |
| 05/09/2021 | 0825 | 1000 (+ 1 hour and 35 min) | 1 hour and 35 min |
| 06/09/2021 | 0825 | 0910 (+ 45 min) | 45 min |
| 07/09/2021 | 0825 | 0915 (+ 50 min) | 50 min |
| 08/09/2021 | 0825 | 0930 (+ 1 hour and 5 min) | 1 hour and 5 min |
| 09/09/2021 | 0825 | On time | On time |

As seen from the above table, the 12678 train experienced some delays throughout the past week. However, Indian Railways made sure to provide accurate information to the passengers, which helped them plan accordingly.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. How can I check the real-time status of the 12678 train?
Ans: You can check the real-time status of the 12678 train by downloading mobile apps like RailYatri or NTES, sending an SMS to 139, or visiting the Indian Railways website.

2. How often is the real-time status updated?
Ans: The real-time status is updated regularly, and passengers can get updated information every few minutes.

3. Is the real-time status always accurate?
Ans: The real-time updates use technologies like GPS tracking and COA to provide accurate information. However, there could be unforeseen circumstances like natural disasters, which might affect the accuracy of the updates.

In conclusion, the real-time updates and information provided by Indian Railways have revolutionized the train travel experience. With accurate information at their fingertips, passengers can plan their trip better and avoid unnecessary delays. The 12678 train, which operates between Bangalore and Ernakulam, is just one of the many trains that provide real-time updates. Passengers are encouraged to use these services to their advantage and have a safe and comfortable journey.


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