Wondering about the status of 12635 train? Read on to know more

Wondering about the status of 12635 train? Here’s everything you need to know.

Heading: 12635 Train: Get Full Details Regarding Its Schedule and Status

• About 12635 Train
• 12635 Train Route and Schedule
• 12635 Train Status
• 12635 Train Fare
• FAQs on 12635 Train

About 12635 Train:

12635/ Vaigai SF Express is a superfast train that operates daily between Madurai Jn in Tamil Nadu and Chennai Egmore in Chennai. This train covers a total distance of 496 km and it takes up to 8 hours and 45 minutes to cover this distance. This train operates on all weekdays except for Tuesdays. It is a highly popular train for passengers travelling between Chennai and Madurai.

12635 Train Route and Schedule:

The 12635 Train starts from Chennai Egmore as its origin station at 21:30 and reaches Madurai the next day at 06:35. It covers a total of 14 stations on its route, which includes the major stops like Tambaram, Chengalpattu, Villupuram, Vridhachalam and Trichy. The train operates daily, except on Tuesday. The train operates solely in the state of Tamil Nadu and is an essential train to commute from Chennai to Madurai.

12635 Train Status:

The 12635 Train is a highly punctual train that hardly gets delayed. On average, the train arrives at Madurai with a delay of only 10-12 minutes. Passengers can check the status of their train on the Indian Railways website or on the NTES application, which is the official website of the National Train Enquiry System. Passengers can also check their PNR status on the website to confirm their status of booking.

12635 Train Fare:

The fare of the 12635 Train depends on the class of ticket, distance covered and the route. For passengers travelling from Chennai to Madurai, the fare for the 2nd AC is Rs. 885, 3rd AC is Rs. 625, and Sleeper Class is Rs. 235. The fare for unreserved general-class tickets is approximately Rs.120. Discounted fares are available for senior citizens and children under the age of 12.

FAQs on 12635 Train:

Q) What is the running days of train 12635?

A) The 12635 Train generally runs on all weekdays except on Tuesdays.

Q) When does train 12635 depart from Chennai Egmore?

A) The 12635 Train departs from Chennai Egmore at 21:30 hrs.

Q) Does 12635 Train have sleeper coaches?

A) Yes, 12635 Vaigai SF Express has sleeper coaches.

Q) How many seats are there in AC 3 tier in train 12635?

A) There are a total of 64 seats in AC 3 tier class in the 12635 Vaigai SF Express.

Q) What is the distance covered by the 12635 Vaigai SF Express train?

A) The 12635 Train covers a total distance of 496 km.

In conclusion, the 12635 Train is one of the most preferred train services between Chennai and Madurai. With its timely service and train facilities, it has always been a popular choice among passengers commuting between these two cities. Passengers can check their train status, fare and book their tickets on the Indian Railways website or through their mobile applications. So, for a hassle-free and comfortable travel experience, book your seats on the 12635 Vaigai SF Express.


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