Stay Updated with 12480 Train Running Status: Never Miss Your Train Again!

Stay Updated with 12480 Train Running Status: Never Miss Your Train Again!

Heading: The Importance of Knowing the 12480 Train Running Status
– Introduction to 12480 Train
– Ways to Check Train Running Status
– Benefits of Staying Updated
– Frequently Asked Questions

Introduction to 12480 Train
The 12480 Suryanagari Express is a popular train that runs between Jodhpur and Delhi. It covers a distance of 928 kilometers and stops at 19 stations along the way. The train runs daily and is a preferred mode of transportation for people traveling between Rajasthan and Delhi.

Ways to Check Train Running Status
It can be quite frustrating to reach the railway station only to find out that the train has been delayed or canceled. To avoid such inconvenience, it’s essential to stay updated with the 12480 train running status. There are several ways you can check this information:

1. Indian Railways Website: The official website of Indian Railways is a reliable source of information about train timings and delays. To check the running status of the 12480 train, visit the website and enter the train number or the name of the train.

2. Mobile App: Indian Railways has a mobile app that can be downloaded on your smartphone. The app provides real-time information about train timings and running status.

3. SMS Service: You can also use the SMS service provided by Indian Railways to check the 12480 train running status. Send an SMS with the train number to 139, and you will receive a reply with the latest updates.

4. Third-Party Websites and Apps: There are several third-party websites and apps that provide accurate information about train running status. Some popular options include Trainman, RailYatri, and Confirmtkt.

Benefits of Staying Updated
Staying updated with the 12480 train running status offers several benefits:

1. Save Time and Money: If you know that the train is running late, you can plan accordingly and avoid wasting time at the railway station. You can also make alternate travel arrangements, such as booking a taxi or taking a bus, to reach your destination on time.

2. Avoid Discomfort: Waiting at the railway station for an extended period can be uncomfortable, especially during summers or winters. By staying updated with the train running status, you can avoid such discomfort and plan your commute accordingly.

3. Plan Better: If you know the exact arrival time of the train, you can plan your activities accordingly. For example, if you are traveling for work, you can schedule meetings accordingly.

4. Stay Informed: In case of any change in train timing or cancellation, you will immediately be notified if you are checking the running status regularly.

Table: 12480 Train Timetable

Station Name | Arrival Time | Departure Time
Jodhpur Jn | — | 06:20 PM
Phalodi Jn | 08:08 PM | 08:10 PM
Pokharan | 08:38 PM | 08:40 PM
Ramdevra | 09:12 PM | 09:14 PM
Ashapura Gomat | 09:37 PM | 09:38 PM
Balotra Jn | 10:06 PM | 10:11 PM
Samdari Jn | 10:51 PM | 10:53 PM
Luni Jn | 11:33 PM | 11:36 PM
Jodhpur Jn | 12:20 AM | 12:30 AM
Sojat Road | 01:23 AM | 01:25 AM
Beawar | 02:18 AM | 02:20 AM
Ajmer Jn | 03:30 AM | 03:40 AM
Jaipur Jn | 06:00 AM | 06:10 AM
Gandhi Nagar Jaipur | 06:19 AM | 06:20 AM
Dausa | 07:04 AM | 07:06 AM
Bandikui Jn | 07:38 AM | 07:40 AM
Alwar Jn | 09:13 AM | 09:16 AM
Rewari Jn | 10:25 AM | 10:27 AM
Gurgaon | 11:05 AM | 11:06 AM
Delhi Cantt | 11:28 AM | 11:30 AM
Delhi Sarai Rohilla | 11:55 AM | —

Chart: 12480 Train Running Status

1. What is the frequency of the 12480 Suryanagari Express?
The 12480 Suryanagari Express runs daily.

2. How many stations does the train stop at?
The train stops at 19 stations along the way.

3. What is the average travel time of the train?
The train takes around 16 hours to cover the distance between Jodhpur and Delhi.

4. Can I check the running status of the train on my smartphone?
Yes, there are several mobile apps that provide real-time information about the train running status.

5. Is the information about train running status accurate?
Yes, the information provided by Indian Railways and other third-party websites and apps is reliable and accurate.


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