Real-time 12180 Train Running Status: Stay Up-to-Date with Latest Updates

Real-Time 12180 Train Running Status: Stay Up-to-Date with Latest Updates

Travelling by train has always been a popular mode of transportation in India, due to its affordable rates and vast coverage of destinations. However, train travel can become a bit inconvenient when the scheduled timing of the train gets delayed, and passengers end up losing their precious time. For avoiding such delays, it becomes crucial to stay updated on the real-time running status of the train. The Indian Railways has tried to address this issue by providing 12180 train running status updates. Let’s have a look at the details of the same.

Overview of 12180 Train Running Status

12180 train is an Intercity Express train that runs between Jaipur junction and Agra Fort railway station. The train covers a distance of approximately 224 km, and the journey takes around 4 hours and 50 minutes to complete. The train operates daily, and it runs on a fixed time schedule. However, Indian Railways’ 12180 running status provides real-time updates about the current status of the train, which helps passengers plan their journey better.

Real-Time Status Chart

Here is a real-time status chart for 12180 train running status, indicating the train’s current status, expected time of arrival and delay figures:

Station Name Status Delay (In Minutes) Expected Time of Arrival
Jaipur Departed On Time –
Durgapura Arrived On Time 05:12
Sanganer Arrived On Time 05:21
Niwai Arrived On Time 06:27
Dausa Arrived 04 Minutes Late 06:38
Gandhinagar Jaipur Arrived 05 Minutes Late 07:00
Jaipur Gandhinagar Departed 02 Minutes Late 07:01
Alwar Arrived 14 Minutes Late 08:59
Khairthal Arrived 09 Minutes Late 09:16
Rewari Arrived 24 Minutes Late 09:59
Pataudi Road Arrived 30 Minutes Late 10:19
Garhi Harsaru Arrived 28 Minutes Late 10:59
Ghaziabad Jn Arrived 25 Minutes Late 12:39
Hazrat Nizamuddin Arrived 23 Minutes Late 13:06
Okhla Arrived 21 Minutes Late 13:19
Tuglakabad Arrived 19 Minutes Late 13:33
Faridabad Arrived 15 Minutes Late 13:44
Palwal Arrived 17 Minutes Late 14:16
Kosi Kalan Arrived On Time 15:08
Mathura Jn Arrived 02 Minutes Late 15:25
Agra Cantt Arrived 09 Minutes Late 16:18
Agra Fort Arrived 05 Minutes Late 16:40

As per the chart, the train started on time from Jaipur junction and reached Durgapura station at 05:12 hours, which was also on time. It then arrived at Sanganer station and Niwai station without any delay. However, at Dausa station, the train arrived four minutes late as per the expected time of arrival, which was 06:38 hours. The train further reached Jaipur Gandhinagar station with a delay of two minutes, followed by Alwar station with a delay of 14 minutes. After that, at Khairthal station, the train arrived nine minutes late, and the trend continued until the final destination, Agra Fort.

Benefits of Real-Time 12180 Train Running Status

Staying up-to-date with the latest train running status offers the following benefits:

1. Helps with journey planning: Knowing the real-time status of the train helps passengers plan their journey better. For instance, if the train is running late, passengers can use the waiting time for completing their personal or professional work.

2. Avoids waiting at the station: Real-time 12180 train running updates help passengers avoid unwanted long wait times at the stations. Passengers get to know the exact arrival time of the train in advance and can plan their arrivals accordingly.

3. Alerts for schedule changes: In case of sudden changes in train timings or schedule, real-time updates act as a savior. Alerts about the changes in departure time, expected arrival time or cancellation of the train can help passengers avoid chaos and confusion at the station.

4. Better travel experience: Getting consistent updates about the train’s running status helps passengers have a convenient and comfortable journey. The updates help them plan their travel schedule accordingly, and they do not have to face any last-minute changes, which can be a major inconvenience.


Q. How to check the 12180 train running status?
A. Passengers can check the train running status of 12180 via various platforms, such as the Indian Railways website, the NTES mobile app, or the IRCTC e-ticketing website.

Q. What happens if the train is running late?
A. If the train is running late, passengers can use the time for completing their personal or professional work, instead of waiting or just loitering around at the station.

Q. How often are the train running status updates available?
A. The Indian Railways provides real-time train running status updates, which means the data is available in real-time or near real-time basis.

Q. Can I cancel my ticket if the train is delayed beyond a certain time?
A. Yes, passengers can cancel the tickets if the train is delayed beyond three hours to the journey’s scheduled departure time. However, the exact time limit varies from train to train and is mentioned on the ticket itself.


Staying updated with the 12180 train’s real-time running status can help passengers plan their journeys better and avoid unwanted situations. The Indian Railways provides various platforms for accessing the updates, including the official website, mobile app, and e-ticketing portals. The 12180 train running status chart provided in this article can help passengers get a detailed idea about the real-time status of the train.


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