12052 Train Departing on Time: Passengers Rejoice!

Title: 12052 Train Departing on Time: Passengers Rejoice!

Train travel is an integral part of the Indian transport system, connecting thousands of passengers to their destinations every day. Despite the convenience of rail travel, train delays have remained a persistent issue for Indian passengers for many years. Late departures and arrivals have become a norm, causing inconvenience and frustrations among travelers. However, a recent development in Indian Railways has brought some cheer to long-suffering passengers. The 12052 train departing on time has become a symbol of hope, renewing the faith and confidence of train travelers. Let us delve deep into this topic and understand what the fuss is all about.


Indian Railways is one of the largest rail networks in the world, ferrying millions of passengers every day. The network stretches over 63,000 kilometers, connecting over 7,000 stations, covering many remote and urban areas. Despite the enormity of the network, Indian Railways has struggled with its punctuality for many years. Delayed trains, late arrivals, and exaggerated travel times have plagued the railways, causing hardship to millions of passengers. However, a recent development is generating optimism among passengers, the 12052 train departing on time.

What is the 12052 Train?

The 12052 train is a superfast train that runs between Chennai Central and New Delhi stations. The train is operated by the Southern Railways and has a total of 25 coaches. The train covers a distance of 2183 kilometers and runs daily, connecting passengers from the southern part of India to the Capital city of New Delhi. The train is named the Jan Shatabdi Express and is a popular mode of transport for passengers.

Why is the 12052 Train Departing on Time Important?

The importance of the 12052 train departing on time cannot be overstated. For years, passengers have had to cope with the frustration of delayed trains, leading to missed connections, lost business opportunities, and other inconveniences. Timely train departure also leads to the timely arrival of trains, which is crucial for many passengers, including office-goers, students, and those traveling for medical reasons. It also improves the image and reputation of Indian Railways, a key factor in increasing passenger numbers and revenue.


The chart below shows the punctuality rate of Indian trains from April 2018 to March 2019. The data is derived from Indian Railways’ statistics and illustrates the scale of the problem of train delays.


The table below shows the improvement in the punctuality rate of Indian trains from April 2018 to March 2020. The data is derived from Indian Railways’ statistics, and the improvement is attributed to several factors such as the introduction of the new timetable, track maintenance, and other operational improvements.


Q: What was the punctuality rate of Indian trains before the introduction of the new timetable?
A: The punctuality rate of trains for the year 2017-2018 was around 70%, indicating a high level of train delays.

Q: What caused the 12052 train to depart on time?
A: Several factors contribute to the timely departure of trains, including maintenance and repair of the tracks and trains, better scheduling, and more efficient operations.

Q: Are all trains running on time now?
A: While the punctuality rate of Indian trains has improved, not all trains are running on time. Passengers are still advised to check their train schedule before departure and plan accordingly.


In conclusion, the 12052 train departing on time is a welcome development in Indian Railways. Timely train departures have been a long-standing problem, causing hardship for millions of passengers. The new punctuality standards set by the railways have led to a significant improvement in the punctuality rate of trains, resulting in a better travel experience for passengers. The railways must continue to work towards improving punctuality rates while also addressing other issues affecting passengers’ travel experience. With the right efforts and initiatives, Indian Railways can restore the confidence and trust of passengers who rely on the railways for travel.


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